Designer    Exhibition 11 Jan 2018

CES 2018: LG unveils next generation of AI-powered kitchen appliances with the ThinQ brand

“The purpose of the ThinQ brand,” said Han Chang-hee, Head of LG’s Global Marketing Center, “is to highlight that LG intelligent products are always thinking of you in order to make your life better. AI is the next frontier in technology and as a leader in home appliances and consumer electronics, we have a responsibility to make AI more approachable and less intimidating.”

LG ThinQ products will have the ability to employ deep learning and communicate with one another, utilizing a variety of AI technologies from other partners as well as LG’s own AI technology, DeepThinQ, which was exhibited at CES 2017. The InstaView ThinQ Refrigerator features a 29-inch touch LCD display that transforms from a computer display to a transparent window with just two knocks, allowing users to see inside. The intelligent refrigerator recommends recipes based on what ingredients the consumer has on hand.

Once a recipe is selected, the refrigerator automatically sends the information to preheat the connected oven, and the integrated Amazon Alexa verbally guides the chef through each step of the process for a smooth cooking experience. Then the EasyClean ovens sends information to the QuadWash dishwasher, automatically setting the optimal dishwashing cycle based on the dish prepared. The LG InstaView ThinQ refrigerator also offers a streamlined food management system through LG’s webOS platform and Alexa’s voice recognition technology. The Smart Tag feature allows the addition of tags and expiration dates to food stored in the smart fridge, alerting users when specific items are nearing their expiration date.

When grocery shopping, users can even check the contents of their fridge via their smartphones connected to the wide-angle PanoramaView camera inside.

“The seamless connectivity inherent in LG’s smart kitchen solution will revolutionize the cooking and dining habits of consumers,” said Dan Song, President of LG’s Home Appliance & Air Solution Company. “By streamlining food preparation and cleanup from start to finish, LG’s use of artificial intelligence in the kitchen enhances quality of life by offering innovative solutions to everyday struggles in the kitchen.”


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