Designer    Exhibition 03 May 2017

Beirut Design Week returns to discuss the controversial topic of: The necessity of design

The sixth edition of Beirut’s Design Week will occur over a seven-day period and welcome more than 25,000 visitors and 150 events, launches and stands – all to discuss the intriguing question: ‘is design a need?’.

Organisers MENA Design Research Center will host participating designers not only at the event, but also by showcasing their through curated exhibitions taking place over five days and in several different districts.

The mission of this year’s fair is to encourage all designers, product, graphic, fashion designers and architects to question their craft beyond commercialisation and marketing luxury goods, and to dare explore work outside their comfort zone. The week will equally aim to explore the challenges of the design community both in Lebanon and internationally.

“For me, when I dreamt of having a design week in my city it was about creating a community and a space where designers could share their work, interact, and collaborate. It bothered me that all designers used to leave the country to exhibit abroad and eventually immigrate for better job opportunities, Lebanon loses so much of its creative potential because of a lack of infrastructure. So, when I came back to country I put all my efforts into building Beirut Design Week as a way to combat all those challenges, and I think it actually is working! We are the largest creative community in the region that comes together every year and I have witnessed dozens of collaborations and distinctive progress since 2012.”

Doreen Toutikian – Co-Founder and Director of Beirut Design Week

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