Utopia    Editor 26 May 2015

The Retro 1950s inspired kitchen interiors that are taking the design world by storm


Trends come and go (and come back again)

The yo-yo has been yo-yoing in and out of popularity since it was first used as a toy. Shoulder pads appeared and disappeared in the 80s, then came back with a vengeance in the new millennium. Boy bands vanished in the early 00s but are now dominating the charts again – I could go on… – so is it surprising that interior décor follows suit? That latest cyclical style on the re-rise is 1950s chic.

The Fifties was golden age for interior design. Post war optimism saw homeowners across the UK getting creative and embracing bold colours and wild patterns. The wave of retro style saw a confident new look throughout the home, including the kitchen. Now companies are launching new collections inspired by this cool, retro era of design.