Utopia    Editor 01 Mar 2016

Take a look at our top industrial inspired kitchen designs that are sure to transform any interior


Industrial style proudly displays the materials, fittings and fixtures that are usually concealed. Rooms that embrace this look are eclectic, appear unfinished and exude a confident masculinity that is undeniably intriguing.

The popularity for industrial interiors has continued to rise over the past decade, with no sign that it is slowing down. But how long is it before an exciting new trend becomes the norm? What can you do to put the latest twist on what is a tried and tested aesthetic?

Get the look

The first challenge is overcoming the need to prevent your vintage, industrial interior from looking old hat. Rusting metals, old exposed pipes and distressed walls are among the founding pillars for this eccentric style, so don’t be afraid to embrace the irregular and make a statement out of any older elements you’d usually hide.

The next step is creating an industrial look that has an edge on the designs from a decade ago.


Mix materials

Metals such as stainless steel will radiate industrial charm; yet combine them with glossy black surfaces, woods or other metals such as copper to create a unique take on the masculine look.


Be inspired

Take inspiration from old industrial buildings – copy elements, but remember your space still has to feel homely, so there is no need to replicate every detail.


Contrast the old with the new

The beauty of incorporating industrial elements into your home is the ability to mix and match your existing contemporary styles with older industrial-inspired architectural details. In the kitchen, modern-day sleek stainless steel appliances borrow design cues from the industrial era, so leaving them exposed rather than integrating them will give your space a subtle industrial edge.



Pendant lighting, such as filament lights that use Edison-style bulbs, create an industrial look. Retro lighting with rustic metal details can transform your kitchen instantly.



A glossy white kitchen will pop in warehouse-style surroundings, and a bath with a riveted metal exterior (reminiscent of early century shipping docks) will become an attractive statement in a stripped-back modern bathroom.


Style your space

Consider the whole design. In an open-plan kitchen-cum-living space continue industrial elements from the kitchen area into the living zone. For those who want the look without the architectural overhaul, remember a single product (a steel staircase, a steel bath or a large factory-style extractor hood) can create the look without the need to go ‘all in’.



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