Designer    Editor 02 Aug 2017

Martin Allen-Smith opens August issue with a touching note on the life of Mark Wilkinson

From the Editor…

Welcome to the August issue of Designer Kitchen & Bathroom. Time stood still for the world of kitchen design last month with the untimely passing of Mark Wilkinson, aged just 66, following a short illness.

A true giant of the industry, Mark’s influence and impact on kitchen and furniture design – not just in the UK but worldwide
– cannot be overstated. Credited with creating the English Country Kitchen style with his famous Cook’s Kitchen, he inspired generations of designers with his unique and passionate belief
in the importance of beauty in design. In this issue, Grahame Morrison – who knew Mark personally for over 20 years – pro les the life and times of one of British design’s great characters.

But aside from his unsurpassed creative achievements, Mark was also a totally engaging and thoroughly decent man. I consider myself fortunate to have visited him at his remarkable Wiltshire home on a number of occasions, and he never ceased to delight in showing the unimaginable number of things that he himself had crafted from wood – his favourite creative medium by far.

The enthusiasm he always showed when talking all things design
was on a level you might expect to see in a young child bursting with excitement at showing you their favourite new toy. If Mark could tell that you shared a love of beautiful design, he would be very happy
to spend hours discussing it all with you in great detail, and it was a blessing and a privilege if you ever found yourself in that situation. Any time spent in Mark Wilkinson’s company was something to cherish.