Utopia    Editor 03 Jul 2017

Editor Frances Leates welcomes you to “another beautiful issue of Utopia Kitchen & Bathroom magazine”

Well here we are again – another beautiful issue of Utopia Kitchen & Bathroom magazine on the shelves. I’m in the midst of house hunting at the moment and it’s so hard choosing the right home!

The search has reaffirmed to me just how much a kitchen can make or break a property – a modern, well-designed kitchen can really add a small fortune to the price of your home, followed closely by
a lovely spacious bathroom. For us, and I’m sure for many of you, a garden is also top of our wish list. That’s exactly why this issue is focusing on kitchen spaces that let the outside in – with big windows, glass roofs, plant themes or bi-fold doors.

We’ve also picked up on a massive trend within the industry and we’re looking at the way in which texture plays a part in design. If you’re also planning a brand spanking new bathroom, check out our selection of blue bathrooms.

This issue is bursting at the seams with expert commentary, inspirational designs and all the latest products.

Frances Leate, Editor, Utopia Kitchen & Bathroom magazine