Utopia    Editor 01 Oct 2017

Editor Frances Leate talks technology in this month’s issue of Utopia

From the editor…

I may not quite be what is often referred to as a ‘millennial’ conducting my whole life through an app on my mobile phone, but I do appreciate advances in technology, especially
those that make my life easier and
less stressful. With two enormous
long-haired cats roaming around at
home, I really don’t know where I’d be without my Dyson hoover – and as for the washing machine that washes my gym kit in 5 minutes… well, that’s a godsend too!

However, these days it seems manufacturers of our home appliances are getting a lot more ambitious, with fridges able to send you text messages and cookers
that memorise recipes! With this in mind, I’ve put together a feature on hi-tech luxury (On the tech trail), where we look at kitchens and bathroom products at the forefront of the ‘technological revolution’.

As well as a feature on colour in the kitchen to keep the winter greyness at bay (The colour comeback), I’ve picked some top hotel bathrooms (Do not disturb) which will hopefully inspire you to create that holiday hotel vibe in the comfort of your own home.

Editor, Frances Leate

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