Utopia    Editor 01 Mar 2018

Editor Anna-Marie Casas welcomes in the spring with April’s issue of Utopia Kitchen & Bathroom

I’m very much hoping that, by the time you read this, it will feel like the winter is well and truly over and spring is in the air. Much as I love the contrasting seasons these islands have to offer, there’s nothing quite like the comforting warmth of the sun after seemingly endless cold and hostile weather.

Spring is my favourite season of all – the knowledge that this is the start of longer days and shorter nights for the foreseeable future is enough to get the feel-good hormones going. Add in blooming foliage, birdsong and the sight of new-borns, and winter seems but a distant memory.

The natural world has long been inspiring the world of interior design and the changing seasons present a perfect time to embrace its influence, not least of all spring, the symbol of rebirth and renewal.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a fantastic collection of kitchen and bathroom ideas that harness delicate spring hues – from duck-egg blues to dusky pinks and mint greens – one of the hot home décor trends for 2018, Perennial Pastels.

Keeping on nature’s trail, we take a look at how wood is making a big comeback in the kitchen; how it’s being used like never before and transcending the latest trends thanks to constant evolution, Wondrous Wood. We also celebrate the magnificence of marble, which has not lost its shine since it was first discovered by ancient civilisations, with some gorgeous examples of this metamorphic rock being used in bathroom design, Marble Marvel.

With our round-up of latest, stylish products for the kitchen and bathroom, stunning real home showcases and leading expert advice, I hope you feel inspired and reawakened!


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