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Win three beautiful mason jar vases, plus a reel of fabulously vintage interior bunting!

Having recently found a love for upcycling old, discarded furniture, Jayne Baxter, founder of The Restoration Shed, decided to branch into accessories and now finds herself painting, sewing and crafting decorations on most evenings.

Exclusively for Utopia Magazine, The Restoration Shed is giving away three vintage mason jar vases and one of its fabulously vintage interior bunting reels.

Made in three stunning pastel shades – cream, pale pink, and green – these vases will add an instant pop of summer colour to your interior. Simply pair with a bunch of fresh and vibrant flowers and you’ll be ready to admire these beautiful vintage creations all year round!


Who founded ‘The Restoration Shed’?


Three beautiful mason jar vases in cream, pale pink, and green. Plus, a reel of dainty interior bunting!


The Restoration Shed



Entries Close:

Thursday 10th August 2017

This competition has now closed.