Designer    Case Study 14 Aug 2017

You’ll marvel at the simple serenity of Colin Wong’s futuristic Glasshouse project

Respected designer, Colin Wong of Development Direct has once again stunned us with a clean, crisp and futuristic project that shows us the power of simplicity.

Commissioned by the homeowner – an entertainment-loving offshore engineer – Wong was tasked to create a suitably striking kitchen that would stand centre stage within this stunningly futuristic home, known as The Glasshouse. In order to respect and enhance the dramatic architecture of the house, the kitchen design primarily focused on twin islands and matching cabinetry that stood to attention in the centre of the kitchen area.

The islands are crafted from Silestone quartz in a White Storm colouration and sit on bespoke stainless steel cylinders, which, though given a polished finish, still evoke and cool industrial vibe. The simple 3D shapes follow a definite pattern, beginning at the monolithic cylindrical bases, to the shape rectangular island and then to the softer curved formation of the ceiling-hung extractors.

The ‘pods’ of cabinetry are set against a dramatic deep blue-black background that encourages their simple white finish to stand out, while the elegantly curved edges reflect the islands’ circular elements, to gently balance the design and craft a cohesive aesthetic that flows through the room. High ceilings assist in crafting a light, bright and spacious aesthetic, to match the property’s contemporary architecture and large, dominant windows.

A polished finish was given to the worktops of both islands, alongside the far central work space. The polished finish adds a tone of luxury to the design, while perfectly complementing the polished exterior of the cabinetry and equally reflecting the natural light around the room. Thanks to the islands’ Silestone bodies, both pieces boast a balance of form and function – with striking good looks and practical durability to match.

Careful touches such as the glass panelling behind the sink area – which, in fact, slides away to reveal additional hidden storage – alongside the inner-cabinet lighting, and the precise colour scheme all make for a very visually effective design. The colour selection in particular works with the house’s greenhouse-style dimensions, with a subtle selection of white, stainless steel and black tones that allow attention to remain on the lush green exteriors seen through the full-length windows.


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