Designer    Case Study 17 Jul 2017

We take an adventure into space with this impressively spacious Austrian home, designed by Smartvoll

Decades ago, tanks used to be repaired in the old brick-lined wall of a building known as the Panzerhalle in Salzburg. Today, the heavy machinery is long gone. In its place are market stands, co-working spaces, restaurants and, up above it all, a loft apartment that combines the highest standards of interior design with a breath-taking room volume.

Architects Smartvoll won a competition to remodel the 350 sq m loft space to create an extraordinary apartment in this unique building. The challenge
was to preserve the historic space and environment and to fill the room with daylight, instead of artificial illumination. And above all, the aim was to boldly make the most of the dimensions.

Instead of creating an ordinary second level such as a gallery, lead architects Philipp Buxbaum and Christian Kircher decided to move the sleeping areas to the outside edges of the building, placing them directly at the windows with a stunning perspective from the bed out to the Salzburg mountains. Such a layout also meant that the centre of the room offered enough space for a remarkable staircase with various functions such as separating the living areas from the entrance and illuminating the flat with natural light from the ceiling.

Hidden underneath this concrete centrepiece, the kitchen made of lava stone, stretches between the two terraces. This multifunctional kitchen unit, in which herbs can be grown, serves as a working, eating, and social area. The staircase and kitchen are generously surrounded by the living room, the working place and the entertainment area, and is framed by the old brick-lined walls.

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