Designer    Case Study 06 Feb 2018

Terry and Terry Architecture’s Skyline House opens out onto the most breath-taking view

Situated high on top of the Eastbay mountain range, this project, by Terry and Terry Architecture, is a rebuild of an existing post 1991 Fire-storm house. The contemporary kitchen-living space has unobstructed views toward the City of Oakland, the Southwest Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. It was designed for a young family, who desired an open plan home that embraced the views of the distant bay, out back, and a connection to the immediate green space, out front.

The sloping ceiling, made from clear cedar siding – a grade of cedar without any knots or defects – slaloms overhead from the forested front garden to the vistas of the rear viewing deck, with the kitchen situated between them. And so, this multi-functional kitchen becomes the central axis of the home, balancing the two contrasting outdoor spaces.

Sozo cabinets with Hafele handles complement the Grohe faucets. While the flooring is made from Cumaru hardwood, and is omnipresent throughout the first floor, enhancing the kitchen-diner’s open and cohesive aesthetic.

Situated at 1,800 ft above sea level, the site is confronted with extreme weather and wide temperature swings. However, because the roof is warped out, it creates a large ventilation volume for the living space, echoing the wisps of the coastal fog flowing inward, thus cooling the open-plan kitchen-diner with the afternoon breezes.

Images by Bruce Damonte Photography.








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