Designer    Case Study 12 Feb 2018

Sturdy yet striking, ATELIER GÉNÉRAL’s Rock boasts an open-plan bathroom and kitchen

Built on the slope of Mount Shefford, The Rock residence bridges an aerial view on one side and an ascending, rugged topography, populated by rocks and maples, on the other.

The initial idea for this project was to merge with the mountain, to nestle into the terrain until it becomes one with the property. Entering the site from below, guests will see a black volume that seems to emerge from the slope and detach itself from the surrounding vegetation. Its dark truncated shape echoes the rocky projections that inhabit the site.

A utility space sheltered by the projection of the upper floor gives access to the residence. Dominating the ground floor is the kitchen, finished in white pine veneer, and framed by two parallel white blocks that form an indirect link with the adjoining dining room. This space opens completely onto the ascending slope and dialogues with the boulder located nearby.

From there, a wooden staircase leads to the main floor, where the spaces flow freely under a flat, floating roof, showing a laminated wood structure. A circular course leads user’s around the rooms, following the outer walls.

Continuing from the master bedroom, the ambulatory circuit follows along to the open-plan bathroom. This faces a huge window, placing the user in bare intimacy with the forest.