Designer    Case Study 01 Feb 2018

Space Odyssey – This three-story townhouse was transformed into an eclectic, contemporary home

As is often found in Taiwanese residences, this rectangular three-story townhouse suffered from poor lighting and sat in intensely close proximity to neighbouring houses.

Given these particular problems, the brief for KC Design Studio was obvious; “Considering the lack of privacy and good view, we decided to design the house inward and upward,” explained studio co-founders Chun-ta Tsao and Kuan-huan Liu. Initially this meant adapting the architecture of the house, to set the front of each floor back, forming a balcony-type indoor-outdoor space that would
place a buffer between the home
and the hectic outside word.

Semi-transparent expanded mesh was used to cover the opening in the façade, meaning natural lighting and ventilation was still possible, while still crafting a visual barrier.

Practically, these buffer’ spaces
can still be put to use, rather than eliminating space from the small interior the ground floor space crafts a suitable doorstep, or entrance way, while the first- floor balcony extends the children’s play corner and is adorned with natural foliage, and finally, the third floor provides striking garden views and a place for relaxation. In contrast, the balcony at the rear of the property has been forfeited, in order to allow an extra 50cm between the house and its neighbours – now standing 90cm apart.

Practically, KC Design Studio opted for an open-plan scheme for each floor, which kept the space open and light; as did the prominent use of glass. Large windows located at the front and back of the property allow sunlight to ow through, while an atrium has been created, with large glass panels in each floor and the roof, allowing residents to see through to the lowers floors and light to pour in from the roof and ow down throughout the home. To the right of the glass atrium lies the perforated white steel staircase, which is bordered by a tinted glass wall.

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