Designer    Case Study 19 May 2017

Living at the office – Waataa transforms empty office space into a colourful and contemporary home

Waataa created this inspirational By Studios project within three empty office spaces they located. The property already benefitted from large windows and bathroom facilities which made the conversion slightly simpler. Waataa saw the potential in this light-filled space and wanted to keep the same bright, open atmosphere but re-vamp the originally drab commercial setting to include a menagerie of vibrant colours and monolithic structures – allowing it to act as a contemporary residence.

Due to the layout of the original space, Waataa decided that the residential layout could not follow the patterns of a conventional home. Instead, independent wooden structures of monolithic proportions border the room – providing the parameters of the living area – slightly minimising the space but in a positive manner which makes the area appear more of a homely residence than stark working space. The large structures contain all the essential living elements; the yellow structure contains the cooking appliances, kitchen prep zone, sink and storage space, while the blue box-like structure could be described as the bedroom or living zone. Out of the sleek façade of the blue ‘box’ unfolds a large bed, wardrobe facilities and drawer storage. A one-legged table appears from the left-hand wall meaning that the owners of this truly unique space can still entertain guests and employ a casual dining zone.

Though discreetly placed within the design, rustic wooden stairs at the far end of the property are an essential addition – giving the home a second storey. The  bathroom facilities were re-organized to suit this new layout, so one sanitary facility is positioned on each floor. Glass walls border the second floor area to ensure it is a distinctly separate zone while still allowing light to seep through and keep the space fresh, open and bright.

Alongside the vibrant colours the most unique aspect of this design is the ability to fold the entire home neatly away to leave two simple coloured facades. A dream design for lovers of contemporary design – this home definitely takes minimalism to a new whole new level.

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