Designer    Case Study 09 May 2017

Kebony wood makes a mass impact on this cabin in Norway’s largest national park

The luxurious Kebony wood clad Cabin Ustaoset, is located in the beautiful natural abundance of Norway’s largest national park, at the foot of the iconic Hardangervidda, Europe’s greatest mountain plateau.

Architect Jon Danielsen Aarhus selected Kebony wood to clad the exterior of this striking property, due to the material’s incredible durability and resilience, alongside its environmentally friendly nature – respectably suited to the luscious location.

The cabin is dissected into two flexible rooms, one of which is a wonderfully spacious living room and loft. A row of full length insulating, sola protected glass windows which encompass one wall of the living area, provide exceptional views of the surrounding landscape. Carefully selected materials, such as the treated glass and Kebonny wood, were essential considerations due to the property’s exposed location – more than 3,500 feet above sea level – which could suffer each and every natural weather extremity. In consequence of these necessary considerations, the cabin is positioned directly into the wind to avoid an accumulation of snow at the entrance whilst the extended eaves of the building prevent an overnight frost settling on the windows.

The location promoted a very challenging design and building process, also. The construction process saw the exterior materials were transported by helicopter in the summer months; while during winter the remaining materials were delivered using a snow scooter!

Beyond phenomenal views, the Kebony wood cladding is the definite focal point of the property. Although it is a natural material, the wood requires minimal maintenance and can stand up to testing conditions far better than softwood. Over time, the cladding will appear to adopt a silver-grey patina; this will actually work to aesthetic advantage, allowing the cabin to blend into the surrounding natural landscape.

Lead architect on the project, Jon Danielsen Aarhus commented: “Truthfully, this was one of the most challenging projects I have ever embarked upon; however, Kebony’s ability to withstand all weather conditions whilst maintaining a sleek and modern finish made it possible for me to achieve the desired outcome of a hardwearing and sustainable cabin that embraces the essence of its natural surroundings.”

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