Designer    Case Study 16 Jan 2018

Interior designer Nini Andrade Silva praised for her bathroom themed ‘WC Beautique Hotel’

Designed for The Beautique Hotels, Silva’s latest project, The WC Beautique Hotel has given visitors an unparalleled experience in its opening quarter. Reviews on consumer led sites such as tripadvisor have given the conceptual hotel a star rating in excess of its proclaimed 4-star industry rating. “To wash our souls,” is the artistic vision of Nini Andrade Silva, who invited guests last October to “strip themselves of prejudices” and “immerse themselves in a world that is, in fact, all of it, a bathroom.”

The WC Beautique Hotel’s design is irreverent, creative, and courageous. It contains enormous passion for the avant-garde. The fusion and traits of the hotel are born from the inspiration of a liquid world, from baths, waters, vapours and drips, culminating in luxury bathroom areas throughout. This can be felt by walking barefoot on the floor dotted with foam, stroking the damp tiled walls.

Upon arrival at the reception area, the liquid inspiration is instant. The welcome area is formed by two bathtubs and a large waterfall that covers the body of those who decide to dive in. The dissident art emerges further as visitors come across a huge ice cube that melts on the floor and gives shape and form to a sculptural piece transformed into a social bathroom area. On the lower floor, the restaurant gives the sensation of movement and fluidity. Through a kind of optical illusion, the set of mirrors in the restaurant transmit reflecting images of waterfalls that multiply throughout the space.

The environment throughout the hotel becomes more indolent. Languid forms and blurred lines are submerged by a series of baths. Steam, foam and drops of water cover the ceiling, walls, and floor, where water predominates. Sweet turquoise alludes to the sediments at the bottom of fountains that formerly surfaced in this area of the city.

The WC Beautique Hotel is located on Avenida Almirante Reis, an area of the city that’s becoming the new Soho of Lisbon, full of young people seeking positive differentiation. It has 41 rooms (Standard WC Room; Superior WC Room; Deluxe Oval Bed WC Room and Prime Bathtub WC Room); a restaurant; a bar and a rooftop area for private events which can hold up to 36 people.

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