Utopia    Case Study 09 May 2017

deVOL’s striking kitchen collections have certainly shaken up this Cheshire Townhouse project

This striking grade II listed Georgian townhouse, in the quaint town of Cheshire, was bought to life by a new deVOL Shaker kitchen.

“Once in a while you go into a kitchen and you just can’t stop saying how much you love it. This happened when we entered the Cheshire Townhouse, it was just one of those rooms that really had everything,” said Helen Parker, creative director, deVOL.

The expansive size, high ceilings and grand scale of the space were all definite positive attributes, alongside the painted white walls, which allowed a completely blank canvas for the deVOL team and a large space to take full creative reign of. In addition, tall white shutters sat on the windows above the sink and these were stunningly impressive, original features – although the entire space was purely white and sparse, these rare originals added a massive amount of character and authenticity to the room.

The large mantle piece positioned above the cooker was another original element, as were the old sliding doors which opened into the pantry, so these elements equally helped add character to the space, while paying homage to its rich heritage. In direct comparison, the tall grey door to the left of the cooker is actually an integrated fridge. This highly modern element is cleverly and discreetly tucked into the exterior circumference of the rom, to ensure the modern technology did not detract from the striking traditional scheme. The shaker style in-frame door seamlessly interweaves with the rest of the kitchen furniture, which allows for incredible discretion – giving no visual clues as to the modern technology hidden behind it and not eating the available space around the island – keeping the kitchen simple and spacious.   Cheshire townhouse underwent full renovations and updating, undertaken by the resident family.

The true focal point of this kitchen is the deVOL Shaker cabinetry. The doors and island, which, as with all of deVOL’s kitchens, were handmade in the company’s Leicestershire workshops, were painted in a contemporary Lead grey. To suit the contemporary colour scheme, the island and cabinetry were topped with a duo of Rustic Oak and Silestone worktops, respectively – perfect choices for both durability and style, as the central wooden worktop cleverly complemented the historical aesthetic of the house, while the white Silestone matched the similarly neutral walls, windows and splashback. Bella Brass door features add an element of luxury, with a warm, rustic look.

Warm terracotta quarry tiles clad the floor, adding warmth and country-kitchen-style charm to the space, while their deliberately worn and dated look reflects again on the origins of the property. A stainless steel Smeg range cooker provides ultimate functionality and a contemporary twist to the kitchen, in-keeping with the modern grey colour scheme.

“We could talk all day about this kitchen and how well the Shaker cupboards worked, and how we should try and incorporate a little Shaker frugality into our own homes, sometimes less really is more,” surmised Helen Parker.

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