Designer    Case Study 30 Mar 2017

Design & Decorate transform an impractical bathroom space into a design masterclass

A tired and impractical bathroom was space was transformed with clever use of lighting, reflections, and just the right products for the job…

Bringing an entirely fresh approach to an ageing existing bathroom, designer David Ellwood of Design & Decorate of Perth, Western Australia was tasked with coming up with a scheme that would make the most of its surroundings. The bathroom is in a modern, contemporary, Mediterranean-style house, comprising two storeys, monolithic in design, and painted blazing white. It has four bedrooms, one bathroom and an ensuite. The property has been extensively modernised, with polished stainless steel railings added to both front and rear elevations. There is also a swimming pool to the rear, with a large balcony to the second storey above it.

The clients originally renovated the home, both bathrooms, a laundry and the kitchen in 2001, but decided that after 15 years, the main bathroom needed a complete re-design to bring it up-to-date. Although the existing bathroom was adequate, it lacked the ‘wow-factor’ necessary in a contemporary house. In addition, the typical built-in corner spa bath with steps took up far too much room in the design, leaving the shower area feeling cramped. The original design with a line of mosaics at door height felt old fashioned, while the line of contrasting blue tiles around the floor perimeter also made the bathroom look dates and totally at odds with a contemporary home. The brief was to completely  renew the space, with a freestanding bath and floor mounted bath filler, a totally open shower, and more sensible use of the space. The lighting also had to be more comfortable, with more hidden lighting incorporated.

The bath was backlit with low level in-wall lighting to give a sense of drama in the evenings. The original shower cubicle has been replaced with a totally open shower incorporating a slope to a discreet drain to the rear, and a wall mounted rain shower incorporating an adjustable hand shower. The large mirrored wall visually ‘doubles’ the perceived size of the room and also reflects the ceiling mounted halogen wallwashers, effectively increasing the reflected light in the room.

The mirrors behind the thin lipped Alape basins were backlit to provide task lighting, and to give a soft feel to the space, together with the hidden lighting to the foot and top of the vanity, and the hidden area behind the bath.

Overall, the new design had to show a more intelligent use of the existing space, since no walls could be removed or altered. What was once an average, unremarkable, bathroom is now totally contemporary , modern, bright, and with a resort style feel, and a view from the bath overlooking the swimming pool for an extra feeling of decadence.

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