Awards Categories


Innovation in Design (Bathroom Products)

This category is open to all innovative new bathroom products from the past year.

Innovation in Design (Kitchen Products)

This category is open to all innovative new kitchen products from the past year.

Innovation in Sustainability

Rewarding products that have shown significant progress in the development of sustainable design solutions.

Innovation in Functionality

Recognising products that demonstrate a new level of functionality in their product class.

Innovation in Technology

For products that have shown an exceptional level of technological development.

Innovation in Materials

The category for material products that deliver unique and creative kitchen and bathroom design possibilities.

Innovation in App & Wifi technology

A new award rewarding advances in app, ipad and wifi technology within products


Bathroom Design of the Year (Under £15k)

Innovative and accomplished bathroom solutions are invited for this category.

Bathroom Design of the Year (Over £15k)

Greater budgets mean even greater creativity is expected for entries to the over £15k category.

Ultimate Bathroom Design of the Year (Over £30k)

The most creative, high budget bathroom designs.

Kitchen Design of the Year (Under £25k)

Kitchen projects designed with a smaller budget.

Kitchen Design of the Year (Over £25k)

The best high-spec kitchen designed this year.

Ultimate Kitchen Design of the Year (Over £100k)

Top end, big budget kitchen designs.

British Design & Manufacturing Award

Celebrating the best of British kitchen and bathroom design.

Best Use of Materials

For the best use of innovative or unusual materials in a project.

New Designer of the Year Award

An opportunity for the brightest new design talent in the kitchen & bathroom industry to show their best project to an industry-wide audience.

International Design Award

This category looks beyond the UK to pay tribute to some of the most creative and inspiring kitchen and bathroom projects from around the world, many of which bring a multitude of cultures and influences to bear on residential functionality and aesthetics.

Design Classic Award

Recognising a unique, landmark kitchen or bathroom product that – through innovative design thinking – has broken through the normal expected lifecycle to become iconic within its category and beyond.

Services to the Industry Award

Special award for an individual whose contribution to the kitchen & bathroom industry goes above and beyond a mere job title, impacting on business fortune and good practice on a much wider scale.

Simon Taylor Award for Lifetime Achievement

The industry’s top honour is given to a design giant of the industry, in recognition of their formidable creative record, inspirational design ethos, and the much broader influence that their work has had across both the K&B sector and other areas of business and culture.