Need inspiration? Look no further – Thali Oxford’s wash and water station aces all 2018 trends

From warm ‘Heart Wood’ type pinks, to industrial greys, metallic elements and a touch of Asian inspiration – it seems that restaurant, Thali Oxford, has incorporated every popular 2018 trend into its unique wash and water station, and we simply love it!

Instead of restraining customers to washing their hands in a separate bathroom space, Thali Oxford celebrates the daily ritual of cleansing and washing – which is an important symbolic part of Indian culture – with an integrated wash and water station within the layout of the restaurant. The statement Jesmonite multifunctional water station and communal handwashing basin has become a central feature in the restaurant thanks to its striking dusky pink aesthetic and industrial style exposed pipework, in an aged-effect copper-brown hue. The area is finished with a quirky ‘cleanliness is next to godliness sign’, presenting an overall eclectic tone.

The remainder of the restaurant embraces what the developers, Blacksheep, see as the ‘sprit of India’, a bright, warm and colourful arena heavily influenced by ‘Jugaad’ the Hindu word meaning ‘innovative fix’. This creative philosophy focuses on making the most of what is available, which encouraged the team to upcycle older products and craft multifunctional, flexible design solutions that could cater to a series of task simultaneously. This design mantra is reflected in the reclaimed tabletops, while the banquette seating throughout is woven from upcycled Indian textiles, and inspired by rattan daybeds.

A toned-down version of a maximalist scheme, the bright and welcoming Thali restaurant puts Dulux’s ‘Heart Wood’ Colour of the Year into an eclectic and contemporary format, melding it with aged metallic elements and industrial tones, and showcasing how this year’s top trends can work together harmoniously, in a cool, edgy context.

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